INTERNET of THINGS with your ... Domain Name

Connecting your Home or Office server to your Domain Name with Data in the DNS

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INTERNET of THINGS is a reality already and you are willing to jump on board not to miss any opportunity ?
INTERNET of THINGS dot TEL is your quick look up reference mobile friendly ressource and universal directory for IoT
Due to underlying features of dot TELs ,typically related to DATA in the DNS properties and mecanisms, dot TEL may play a pivotal role in the structuration of IoT
Feel free to submit other Internet of Things key ressources to help increase awareness and success of IoT the sooner !!
A key paper from Matt Turck managing director at FirstMark Capital , published on Tech Crunch in May 2013 to start with a good overview of what is going on today
A presentation from TELNIC about dot TEL features
CONTACT to suggest projects requiring data in the DNS lookup and discuss with TEL developpers about current feasability

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Internet of Things, Connecting your Home or Office server to your domain name, Data in the DNS, universal directory
RASPBERRY PI , ARDUINO, micro servers for Home , Office, or Factory Automation.